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We believe that all travelers should have Travel Insurance and that it should be taken out at the time of purchasing your holiday.
We also believe that not all insurance companies are equal
so it is worth doing some research before you buy a policy.

We recommend Sure Save Insurance.

Please ask us for a quote at the time of booking your trip.

Travel Insurance by SureSave


We recognize that no two trips are the same. That's why we're giving customers the power to choose and pay for the level of cover that's right for them. There is  four plans below to choose from:

Comprehensive Plan, Basic Plan, Annual Frequent Traveler & Domestic Plan

The Basics

What you need to know about policy eligibility.

  • International cover available to eligible travelers of all ages. (Travelers aged 81 and over must be assessed for approval)

  • Now available to Australian residents who hold a 457 Visa, and New Zealand passport holders.

  • Policies may be purchased while traveling, however a 72-hour waiting period applies. Events occurring during this time are not covered by the policy.

  • Cover the rest of the family - children and grandchildren can be added to the same policy as a dependent at no extra charge, provided they meet certain criteria.

Events - when you need help before, during and after your travels


A simpler, smarter way to explain what's covered.

  • Great coverage for a wide range of events, including damaged luggage, delays where the operator is at fault, and rental vehicle insurance excess.

  • Unlimited trip limit for overseas medical costs - this includes medical evacuation, medical repatriation and extra trip costs.

  • $12,000 trip limit for lost, stolen or damaged luggage and personal items, with option to to add extra cover for valuable items, up to $10,000 in total.

  • Cover for travel delays when caused by a travel operator - up to $2,000 trip limit.

  • $5,000 trip limit if you have to cancel or change your trip, with option to increase up to Unlimited

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